Donna's Pet Sitting

Loving Your Pets Just Like My Own!

Donna's Pet Sitting offers a great solution for your pet care needs when you go away on vacation or business. Instead of bringing your pet to a kennel, you can now leave them in the comfort and security of your own home without worrying about imposing on friends or neighbors.

I know your pets are as special to you as mine are to me and I know how hard it is to have to leave them behind when you go away. I can make this easier for you by providing lots of tender loving care in your absence.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science from the University of Massachusetts and I took the American Red Cross Pet First Aid Course. I worked for many years as a vet tech before starting Donna's Pet Sitting in 2002. I have been a resident of Ashburnham since 1986.

Service Area - Donna's Pet Sitting covers Ashburnham and a little bit of Westminster and Ashby. Please check my service map to make sure I cover your area.

Request Service - New clients can use my request form to set up an initial consult and current clients can use it to make reservations.

***Sorry but I am no longer taking any new dog clients. I am cutting way back on the amount of petsitting I am doing and I will be taking more weekends and holidays off. I also have a photography business and more of my time will be involved with that.

If you aren't a current client and you are looking for dog care I highly recommend checking out Waggin' Tails Pet Care Services. I have met Karen and Julie who own it and they are wonderful!

When there are dates I know I'm not available I will post them here.

For 2015 I know I'm not available for the following dates:

Labor Day weekend

September 19th weekend

September 26th weekend

Last year I ended up missing a few extremely important family moments because I committed many months in advance to certain dates so from now on I just don't want to commit so far in advance. You can let me know about dates you may need and I'll write you in and I'll do my best to keep those dates clear but I'd rather not book more than 2 months out.

Many weekends in the fall I am not available Saturday afternoons because I go to rugby games. boston red sox art

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Donna's Pet Sitting is on Facebook and I will be posting current pet sitting photos there on occasion. If I've recently sat for your pet you might want to see if your pet is featured. Come check it out and see who I've been hanging out with!

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Pet Food

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Recommended Pet Food - Speaking of pet food, what are you feeding your pet? There is a huge difference in pet foods and all pet owners should know what to look for. For a list of recommended foods, click here.

How does YOUR dog food rate? Click here to find out.


Please be aware of my cancellation policy. 72 hours notice must be given for all cancellations or you will be charged for the visit. This applies to all visits except for regularly scheduled daily visits which must give cancellation notice by 7:30 a.m.

Please remember to make your reservations early! I only accept a very limited number of sits to ensure that each pet gets the care they deserve and I often get booked up. If you are a new client I need time to do an initial consultation before starting service. Thank you!

ALL pet sitting requests made with less than 48 hours notice will be charged an additional $5 per visit.

Serving most of Ashburnham, Massachusetts
(and a tiny bit of Westminster)
(Please check service area map.)

My dog, Xena, learned how to open the front door on her own so then I had to teach her how to shut it. Click here to see her in action.

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